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Acceptability at Recruitment


Acceptability at CT / Work-Up


Individual at Risk


Explanation of Condition

Drugs prescribed most commonly because of a blood clot, such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. They may aslo be given to people with atrial fibrillation who have an increased risk of stroke, or to people who have artificial heart valves.


Unacceptable if currently on anticoagulant therapy.

If previously on anticoagulation, always establish indication for therapy. Discuss with MO.

Acceptable if completed a course of anticoagulation for a single episode of deep vein thrombosis. Acceptable if used in pregnancy unless donor has antiphospholipid syndrome or recurrent thrombosis.

Unacceptable if used for coronary artery disease or valvular heart disease.

Allow at least 7 days between cessation of coumarin (eg. warfarin) therapy and donation.

Pseudonyms or Related Conditions

Current anticoagulant drugs commonly used in the UK include: Warfarin, Phenindione, Heparin, Clexane, Tinzaparin, Fragmin, Danaparoid, Lepirudin, Bivalirudin, Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban


Version 1, Edition 1

Date of Last Update

15th June 2012