Eye Disease

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Acceptability at Recruitment


Acceptability at CT / Work-Up


Individual at Risk

Donor / Recipient

Explanation of Condition


Discuss with medical officer.

Unacceptable if malignancy, active inflammation of the eye or transplanted eye tissue (see Ocular Tissue Recipient).

Unacceptable for PBSC if history of inflammatory eye disease (e.g.uveitis, scleritis, iritis, episcleritis) unless a clear infectious aetiology has been identified. Acceptable for BM provided not associated with severe or multisystem autoimmune disease. Inform TC.

Glaucoma is acceptable if any surgical treatment complete and on eyedrops only. Discuss with MO if necessary.

Pseudonyms or Related Conditions


Version 1, Edition 2

Date of Last Update

1 June 2016