Hepatitis C

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Acceptability at Recruitment


Acceptability at CT / Work-Up


Individual at Risk


Explanation of Condition

Viral liver infection most commonly transmitted through recreational intravenous drug use, but also through sex, needlestick injuries, and, historically, through contaminated blood products.


Discuss each case with the medical officer.

Current Infection

Unacceptable if current infection, carrier status or antibody positive.

Past Infection

May be acceptable if past infection but now antibody negative - discuss with medical officer and medical director on a individual basis.

Current Sexual Partner Infected or Previously Infected

Unacceptable if current sexual partner of an individual who has ever been diagnosed with hep C.

Previous Sexual Partner

Acceptable if >12 months from sexual contact with an infected individual.

May be acceptable <12 months if partner or sexual contact has been in a sustained remission and free of therapy for >12 months. d/w MO and inform transplant centre.

Pseudonyms or Related Conditions


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Date of Last Update

15th June 2012