Liver Function, Abnormal

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Acceptability at Recruitment


Acceptability at CT / Work-Up


Individual at Risk

Donor, Recipient

Explanation of Condition

Abnormality of bilirubin and/or one or more of the standard enzyme tests used to assess liver function. These include:

ALT (Alanine transaminase)

AST (Aspartate transaminase)

ALP (Alkaline phosphatase)

GGT (Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase)


Acceptable if less than twice the upper limit of normal (as defined by local reference ranges).

If greater than twice upper limit of normal, discuss with medical officer.

LFTs greater than twice upper limit of normal but less than thrice upper limit of normal discovered at pre-harvest medical: arrange urgent liver ultrasound. Accept if normal or fatty liver, and standard hepatitis screen is negative. Inform transplant centre.

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Version 1, Edition 1

Date of Last Update

16th October 2012