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Please note that this guide is primarily intended as a reference tool for Anthony Nolan staff and affiliated Anthon Nolan Recruitment Groups. It is not a guide intended for direct distribution to the general public, although it is available for public viewing if required.

The list is not exhaustive; therefore, particular cases may require further clarification by our Medical Officer.

IN SUCH CASES PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: The volunteer should be asked to complete an application form giving full details of their medical status ensuring that the following information is given:

   Name of medical condition.
   Date of diagnosis.
   Name of medication(s) taken.
   Length of time medication has been taken.
   Is the medication seen as a short course or long-term prescription?
   Does the volunteer have any limitations to life-style?
   Is the volunteer’s condition regularly assessed by GP/Consultant? 

Once the application has been reviewed the donor will be contacted and informed of the decision.

This list is in place to help us recruit medically eligible volunteer blood stem cell donors. We have a duty to ensure that volunteer donors are put at minimal risk whilst also considering the safety and outcome for transplant recipients.

The criteria, which we use to assess the suitability of a volunteer to donate, are considerably more stringent than those taken into consideration for volunteers undergoing a procedure for their own medical health status.

If you have any queries please contact The Anthony Nolan Donor Support Team as follows:

Telephone 0303 303 0303 (9am – 5pm) and ask for The Donor Support Team or E-mail: