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Acceptability at Recruitment


Acceptability at CT / Work-Up

QUALIFIED - if a donor needs to be deferred due to surgery, it is possible for them to proceed with CT, as the time period between CT and donation is usually several months.

Individual at Risk

Donor / Recipient

Explanation of Condition


Questions to ask:

When was the operation?

What was it performed for?

Was it performed under general or local anaesthetic?

Did you have any complications from the operation or general anaesthetic?

Is the wound fully healed?

Are you still under follow-up by the surgeon who performed the operation?


If for malignancy or any other cause which may prohibit donation, such as inflammatory bowel disease.


Endoscopy - No deferral time needed

Most other procedures. Each case should be discussed with the medical officer at CT.

In general, seven days should be allowed after minor procedures (such as dental procedures and excision of skin lesions) and four months after major surgical procedures.

This time period may be shortened as long as:

All wounds are fully healed;

Any post-operative infection is fully resolved;

Normal mobility is regained;

Regular post-operative follow-up is no longer required (this excludes follow-up for the underlying condition).

Donation before operation

Occasionally a donor will require an operation shortly after donation. In these circumstances the donor should donate by PBSC only, in order not to compromise pre-operative body iron and haemoglobin levels.

Pseudonyms or Related Conditions



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26th June 2012