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Acceptability at Recruitment


Acceptability at CT / Work-Up


Individual at Risk



Not acceptable (may be exacerbated by both G-CSF and bone marrow harvest)

Any donor with Inflammatory arthritis involving any part of the spinal column, sacro-iliac joints or hip joints, including rheumatoid arthritis, sacroiliitis and ankylosing spondylitis (but excluding osteoarthritis, spondylosis and spondylolisthesis);

Any donor requiring regular steroid injections into the spine.

Any donor with a back condition which may physically prohibit the donor transferring to an apheresis couch, or lying in an apheresis couch for at least four hours (venous access is not permitted in a wheelchair), or a back condition which might compromise the safety of the donor or staff during collection;

Any donor having spinal surgery within the preceding six months;

Acceptable for PBSC only (assuming not excluded under 'Not acceptable')

Any donor with a history of sciatica (or similar radiculopathy), disc prolapse/herniation, disc degeneration or spinal stenosis;

Any donor with a history of fracture, dislocation or instability of any axial bone or joint (including vertebra, sacrum, pelvis or proximal femur);

Any donor with a history of spinal surgery at least six months ago;

Any donor requiring either regular or frequent (at least monthly) painkillers or physiotherapy (the donor must be able to stop all non-steroidal (NSAID) medications whilst receiving G-CSF and during harvest: some donors may not be willing to do this);


Acceptable for both BM and PBSC

Any back condition not excluded under 'Not acceptable' or 'PBSC only';

It is important that these cases are discussed with the medical officer

Pseudonyms or Related Conditions


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